School is out, all the kids are home and it is time to knock some of those things off the bucket-list! We think everyone should have a summer resolution, or at least #SummerGoals. If we don’t have summer goals it is easy to get stuck in the office for one too many hours or make time for that fishing trip that you were supposed to go on. Summer will just fly by like it was never even here. We are here to help with that! Let’s try to follow some of these #SummerGoals that we have for ourselves this summer.

#1: Make time to relax & unwind

It’s important to remember that taking care of yourself is your responsibility. You can’t get that work assignment done if your mind is too stressed and tired.  Schedule in some down time this summer to relax and unwind! Need some ideas of ways to relax or have something that works for you? We like to get monthly massages and facials. Share what you do to unwind below!

 #2: Get outside & Stay Active

Strive to have the “no excuses” mentality when it comes to staying active this summer. Regular physical activity will help reduce your risk of heart attack, help manage your weight, boost your mood and help you feel more relaxed. So, even though those fries look good, maybe go for a run instead.

#3: Do something you love

Activities that make you happy can have a positive effect on you and your family. You will feel more fulfilled, be more productive and will inspire others to step outside their comfort zones. Go try out for that Musical, sign up for that workout class, or sit back and watch a movie with friends. Either way, do it because it will be an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

#4: Spend time with people you love

Spending time with friends has a multitude of long-term physical and emotional health benefits and should be a priority that ranks right up there with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You could plant a garden, get a massage, or even get ice cream at that local shop on the corner. So, go pick up your phone and give those wonderful people a call.

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